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This course focuses on the role of the mass media in contemporary public health campaigns. Most class sessions focus on the application of theory and research to the design of these campaigns. Earlier studies examining the role of the mass media in health campaigns indicated that the mass media played a small and rather insignificant role in changing health behaviors. However, more recent studies indicate that careful targeting combined with formative research often yield successful behavior change.

Learning Outcomes
• Identify and critique various theories/approaches concerning social marketing, targeting, social modeling, persuasion, message design, intervention and campaign message exposure.
• Be knowledgeable regarding exemplar studies of intervention and campaign effects, and be able to engage in a detailed examination of specific techniques for modern campaigns and interventions.
• Be able to apply this knowledge to the development of a hypothetical, theory-based health communication, community-based campaign utilizing best practices for message design, testing, implementation, and evaluation.

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