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About Our Program

The Department of Communication offers a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Communication with undergraduate major options in Business and Organizational Communication, Digital and Mass Communication, Healthcare Communication, Human Communication, and Sport Communication as well as a minor in Communication and an Undergraduate Certificate in Health Communication. Graduate students can pursue a Master’s or Ph.D. in Communication and Graduate Certificates in Health Communication, Instructional Communication, or Risk Sciences.


Undergraduate Major Options

Business and Organizational Communication

Prepares students for careers in communication management, consulting, sales, human resources, operations management, conflict resolution and crisis communication. Advanced courses include organizational communication, teamwork and leadership, negotiation and conflict, and risk and crisis communication.

Digital and Mass Communication

Prepares students to work in media and audience research, mass media criticism, public information and media education and literacy. Advanced courses include interpersonal communication and social media, mass media and social influence, digital and mass communication literacy, and critical analysis of communication and persuasion.

Healthcare Communication

Prepares students to manage, deliver and evaluate health services, health education, hospital administration, and health communication campaigns. Advanced courses include health communication, studies in persuasion, interpersonal communication in health, and health communication campaigns.

Human Communication

Prepares students for careers in general management of communication and information across various contexts. Students can create their own path by choosing classes from the other specializations.

Sport Communication

Prepares students for careers in the growing sports industry. Students draw connections between sport, communication, and society while also learning the strategies required to communicate sports information to a variety of audiences. Advanced courses include technology-mediated communication in sport, sport communication and analytics, sport industries and audiences, and sport media and society.