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Minor Requirements

The communication minor provides students with an introduction to interpersonal, persuasive, and mediated communication in a variety of contexts. Students can declare a minor by contacting an academic advisor in their home college. 

Minor Requirements – 18 hours

COM 101—Introduction to Communications
COM 287—Persuasive Speaking

Choose Two

COM 249—Mass Media and Mass Culture
COM 252—Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
COM 281—Communication in Small Groups
COM 325—Introduction to Organizational Communication*

Choose Two

COM 311—Patient-Provider Communication
COM 312—Learning Intercultural Communication through Media and Film
COM 313—Interpersonal Communication in Close Relationships
COM 314—The Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication and Relationships
COM 315—Understanding Workplace Communication in a Diverse U.S. Society
COM 316—Emergency and Disaster Communication
COM 317—Communication in Family and Marital Relationships

* department approval required.