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This writing intensive course examines basic verbal and nonverbal concepts affecting the communication process between individuals in various interpersonal contexts. Course also requires participation in written and oral activities designed to develop and improve interpersonal skills. Topics may include: perspective-taking, relationship and conversation management, effective listening, conflict management, communication climate, communication anxiety, and cultural/gender differences in interpersonal communication.

Learning Outcome
• Students will understand the nature of foundational IPC theories and concepts (e.g., identity formation and management, perception, emotion, verbal and nonverbal communication, listening, relational dynamics, and conflict management).
• Students will employ effective IPC skills (e.g., verbal and nonverbal communication, defensive and supportive communication, perception checking, empathic listening, conflict management, teamwork)
• Students will demonstrate the ability to conduct IPC-focused research (e.g., annotated bibliography, academic writing, APA style)