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An introduction to the process of communication as a critical element in human interaction and in society. Designed to enhance effective communication and informed use of the mass media.

Learning Outcomes
• Introduce seminal communication theories that undergird our discipline.
• Discuss the ethical and moral consequences of your communication decisions.
• Refine and further develop your communication skills in both the private and public realms.
• Enhance your writing and research skills.
• Introduce cultural variables that affect human interaction in our multicultural society, i.e., race, gender, class, religion, etc.
• Facilitate the development of critical thinking within the context of human communication.
• Illuminate the importance of public communication in maintaining an egalitarian and democratic society.
• Encourage active self-analysis and invite critical adjustments in your communication behavior.
• Develop consumer-advocacy skills in assessing the credibility of messages.
• Highlight the power of discourse in constructing human reality and culture.

No prerequisites.

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