Study Abroad: Summer 2015

Study Communication Abroad in Dublin July 14 - 29 2015 UKY University of Kentucky

Dublin 2015

Ireland, Summer 2015:  First Adventures in a Global Marketplace July 14-29, 2015 Program Overview Designed specifically for first generation students, this program will provide students with the fundamental principles and practical skill-sets to understand the diverse cultures that comprise the global marketplace of the 21st century. Through visits and discussions with Dublin business leaders, participants will observe first-hand how multinationa
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Study Communication Abroad in London with Don Lowe July 10 - August 9, 2015 UKY University of Kentucky

London: Summer 2015

From the Tabloids to the BBC: Exploring British Media July 10 thru Aug 9, 2015 Explore the colorful and diverse world of the British Media through field trips, site visits and discussions with journalists and media experts. See and hear firsthand how British journalists cover news and entertainment and how American journalists cover Europe for the U.S. Media. Analyze British electronic/print media and advertising/public relations agencies, includ
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Study Communication Abroad with Kevin Real June 12 - July 3, 2015 UKY University of Kentucky

Culture and Communication in Peru: From Ancient Incas to Modern Urban Organizations (Communication and Information)

June 12-July 3, 2015 Program Overview This 3 week course, Understanding Workplace Communication in a Diverse and Globalized World, will be a mixture of classroom and hands-on experience in facilitating students’ understanding of Peruvian culture and the global workplace. The format will include a 2-day “survival Spanish” course taught in Lima and course and field work with Professor Real and distinguished Peruvians as guest speakers covering topi
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