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COM/ISC SONA Frequently Asked Questions

Please be sure to read all of the information on the SONA Information page!

  • Do I have to participate in SONA?

Every student currently taking COM 101, 249, 252, 281, 287, 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 316, 317, or 318, or ISC 161, 261, or 321 must participate in the COM/ISC SONA Research Participation system.

  • How many studies do I have to complete?

COM/ISC Students have to complete 1 study per eligible COM/ISC class, up to a maximum of 2 studies per semester. This means if you have:
  1 SONA eligible class:   you must complete 1 study
  2 SONA eligible classes: you must complete 2 studies
  3 SONA eligible classes: you must complete 2 studies, and you will receive 1 exemption credit
  4 SONA eligible classes: you must complete 2 studies, and you will receive 2 exemption credits
  5 SONA eligible classes: you must complete 2 studies, and you will receive 3 exemption credits

The exemption credits will be assigned by Friday, March 20th, 2020. Please check your official UK email address for notice of when they have been assigned.

  • How do I log in?

The SONA system uses your LinkBlue credentials for login. Please go to the COM/ISC SONA page at , click the green LinkBlue Log In button, and then enter your LinkBlue credentials.

  • Why don’t I get emails at ******

The default email for SONA notifications is your University Email Address, which ends in Emails ending in are on the UK Google Apps account. You can change the delivery location of your University email (Office365, Google Apps, or External) at

  • Can my email be changed?

Yes, you can change your email yourself. Under “My Profile” on the main SONA page, click on “Provide an alternate email address”.

  • How do I sign up for my CIS, PSY, and MKT/MGT/FIN classes?

These courses use separate SONA systems. The points of contact for those are below:

- CIS:
- PSY:
- Gatton:

  • When do I have to do _____?
    • Here are the Spring 2020 dates for COM/ISC SONA:

      - January 29th, 2020 (Wednesday) Students should receive login instructions on or around this date.
      - January 31st, 2020 (Friday) The SONA system opens for participation.
      - March 13th, 2020 (Friday) Students should sign up for a study by this date.
      - March 20th, 2020 (Friday) Students in more than 2 COM/ISC SONA eligible courses receive exemption credits. (See above for explanation).
      - April 24th, 2020 (Friday) All studies must be completed by this date.
      - April 26th, 2020 (Sunday) All research credits for completed studies will be awarded by this date.
      - May 1st, 2020 (Friday) Students must have their SONA credits applied in the system to specific classes by this date.