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Internship Program - FAQ

1. How do I find an internship?
Dr. Real has contact names and numbers for many different internship opportunities. Make an appointment to meet with him or e-mail him. He will give you three to five different contacts. You are responsible for calling and making an appointment to meet with these individuals. You will then choose where you would like to intern. Each organization is sent several students, so this will be a mutual decision. You may have found an opportunity on your own. If so, simply get Dr. Real’s approval to intern with the organization. You may print the Letter to Your Supervisor from the checklist and give it to the person who would be your supervisor so that he/she can read about our program and our expectations of you.

2. What is required of me? 
See the What is expected of you link.

3. What is required in the e-mail “mini-papers” and final paper? 
See Internship E-Mails and Final Paper links.