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Internship Program - Checklist

  1. Review what will be expected of you here. You will find the answers to almost all questions you might have about COM 399.
  2. If you have satisfied the requirements for enrolling in COM 399, complete the online COM 399 Internship Application. If you meet the requirements, you will be enrolled in the course by the department.
  3. If you need contact names and numbers, make an appointment to meet with Dr. Real by sending an email to Dr. Real and in the subject line write: COM 399 APPT REQUEST.  If you have an internship in mind, email him with the details for his approval.
  4. You are responsible for setting up and going to interviews to decide on your internship.
  5. Attend the COM 399-semester kick-off meeting (invite to be emailed to you).
  6. Once you obtain your internship, download and print the Letter to the Supervisor and give it to your supervisor.
  7. Work with your supervisor to generate specifics goals for your internship.  These goals become part of your Learning Contract. Complete the Learning Contract online. Then, print the Learning Contract. You must sign it, obtain your supervisor’s signature, and upload the signed contract as a PDF or JPEG in Canvas under the Learning Contract Assignment by Friday of the second week of classes.
  8. COM 399 will use Canvas for the administration of all assignments.  Announcements from Canvas are also used to communicate with students so make sure the email that you check is linked to the COM 399 Canvas page.
  9. During the semester you will write theory application papers and a reflection paper.
  10. At the end of your internship, have your supervisor fill out the Supervisor Evaluation.