Contact Information


Name Unit Office Email Phone
Jennifer Greer (Dean of the College) DEAN 308B Little Library jennifer.greer [at] 859-218-0290
Anthony Limperos (Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in Communication) COM 310J Little Library Anthony.Limperos [at] 859-323-6796
Nancy Harrington (Professor, Associate Dean for Research) COM 273 Blazer Dining Nancy.Harrington [at] 859-257-2295
Kevin Real (Professor, Department Chair) COM 263 Blazer Dining Kevin.Real [at] 859-257-6938
Jeffrey Huber (Director, Professor) SIS 323 Little Library Jeffrey.Huber [at] 859-257-2334
Chike Anyaegbunam (Professor, Interim Department Chair, Director of Dissemination and Implementation Sciences Consortium) ISC 211B McVey Hall Canya2 [at] 859-257-7820
Erika Engstrom (Director) JAM 313 Blazer Dining erika.engstrom [at] -

Department of Communication

Name Unit Office Email Phone
Evan Brody (Assistant Professor) COM 276 Blazer Dining evan.brody [at] 859-257-3435
Alan DeSantis (Professor) COM 267 Blazer Dining desantis [at] -
Marko Dragojevic (Assistant Professor) COM 238 Blazer Dining marko.dragojevic [at] 859-218-3349
Diane Francis (Assistant Professor) COM 274 Blazer Dining Diane.Francis [at] 859-257-0044
Allison Gordon (Associate Professor) COM 275 Blazer Dining A.Gordon [at] 859-257-3676
Don Helme (Associate Professor) COM 271 Blazer Dining Don.Helme [at] 859-257-8886
William Howe (Assistant Professor) COM 240 Blazer Dining william.howe [at] 859-218-0355
Derek Lane (Professor) COM 235 Blazer Dining Derek.Lane [at] 859-218-0468
Nicky Lewis (Assistant Professor) COM 268 Blazer Dining Nicky.Lewis [at] 859-257-5575
Kelly McAninch (Assistant Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies) COM 277 Blazer Dining kelly.mcaninch [at] 859-323-4334
Aurora Occa (Assistant Professor) COM 272 Blazer Dining Aurora.Occa [at] 859-257-3323
H. Dan OHair (Professor) COM 237 Blazer Dining OHair [at] 859-257-3369
Andrew Pilny (Assistant Professor) COM 269 Blazer Dining andy.pilny [at] 859-257-8676
Jennifer Scarduzio (Assistant Professor) COM 239 Blazer Dining jennifer.scarduzio [at] 859-257-2954
Rong Wang (Assistant Professor) COM 234 Blazer Dining [at] 859-218-5553

School of Information Studies

Name Unit Office Email Phone
Sarah Barriage (Assistant Professor) SIS 350 Little Library sarah.barriage [at] -
Beth Bloch (Assistant Professor) SIS TBD Beth.S.Bloch [at] -
Sean Burns (Associate Professor) SIS 327 Little Library sean.burns [at] 859-218-2296
Maria Cahill (Associate Professor) SIS 355 Little Library maria.cahill [at] 859-218-2293
Namjoo Choi (Associate Professor) SIS 339 Little Library namjoo.choi [at] 859-257-4113
Shannon Crawford-Barniskis (Instructor) SIS - barniskis [at] -
Tabitha Dyer (Instructor) SIS - Tabitha.Dyer [at] -
Fatima Espinoza-Vasquez (Assistant Professor) SIS 316 Little Library fatima.espinozavasquez [at] 859-218-2298
Brandi Frisby (Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs) SIS 310G Little Library Brandi.Frisby [at] 859-257-9470
Spencer Greenhalgh (Assistant Professor) SIS 341 Little Library spencer.greenhalgh [at] 859-218-2294
Christine Illichmann (Instructor) SIS - cil223 [at] -
Soohyung Joo (Associate Professor) SIS 337 Little Library soohyung.joo [at] 859-257-5942
Renee Kaufmann (Assistant Professor) SIS 328 Little Library Renee.Kaufmann [at] -
Luke LeFebvre (Assistant Professor) SIS TBD Luke.LeFebvre [at] -
Amy Olson (Instructor) SIS - amy.olson [at] -
Shannon Oltmann (Associate Professor) SIS 343 Little Library shannon.oltmann [at] 859-257-0788
Firaz Peer (Assistant Professor) SIS TBD firazpeer [at] -
Joshua Taylor (Instructor) SIS - josh.taylor [at] -
Sherali Zeadally (Associate Professor) SIS 315 Little Library szeadally [at] 859-218-2299

Department of Integrated Strategic Communication

Name Unit Office Email Phone
Tae Hyun Baek (Associate Professor) ISC 128B McVey Hall tae.baek [at] 859-218-3745
Beth Barnes (Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies) ISC 128D McVey Hall BBarnes [at] 859-257-4275
Alyssa Eckman (Associate Professor) ISC 219 McVey Hall AEckman [at] 859-257-7914
Laura Fischer (Assistant Professor) ISC 217 McVey Hall lmfischer [at] 859-323-4332
Adriane Grumbein (Associate Professor) ISC 218 McVey Hall agrumbein [at] 859-218-3748
Phillip Hutchison (Associate Professor) ISC 128E McVey Hall Phillip.Hutchison [at] 859-218-2916
Bobi Ivanov (Professor) ISC TBD Bobi.Ivanov [at] -
Hyun Ju Jeong (Assistant Professor) ISC 211C McVey Hall hyunju.jeong [at] 859-257-9034
Mengtian “Montina” Jiang (Assistant Professor) ISC 220 McVey Hall mengtian.jiang [at] 859-323-4335
Jihye Kim (Assistant Professor) ISC 215 McVey Hall [at] 859-257-8224
Kimberly Parker (Associate Professor) ISC TBD kimberly.a.parker [at] -
Scott Whitlow (Associate Professor) ISC 222 McVey Hall Scott [at] 859-257-1619

School of Journalism and Media

Name Unit Office Email Phone
Deborah Chung (Associate Professor) JAM 305 Blazer Dining Deborah.Chung [at] 859-257-3021
John Clark (Associate Professor) JAM 303 Blazer Dining JClark [at] 859-257-2810
James Hertog (Associate Professor) JAM 307 Blazer Dining jim.hertog [at] 859-257-8204
Kyra Hunting (Assistant Professor) JAM 312 Blazer Dining kyra.hunting [at] 859-257-2839
Yung Soo Kim (Associate Professor) JAM 306 Blazer Dining kim.s.eye [at] 859-257-9466
Buck Ryan (Associate Professor) JAM Blazer Dining BucRyan [at] 859-257-4360
Scoobie Ryan (Associate Professor and Associate Director) JAM 301 Blazer Dining Scoobie [at] 859-257-4362
Zixue Tai (Associate Professor) JAM 309 Blazer Dining ZTai2 [at] 859-257-1676
Kakie Urch (Associate Professor) JAM 311 Blazer Dining Kakie.Urch [at] 760-660-0803

Research Staff

Name Unit Office Email Phone
Scott Johnson (Director of Research and Instructional Technology) COM 219 Blazer Dining Scott.Johnson [at] 859-257-4725
Chris Larmour (Technology Coordinator; Technology Coordinator) JAM 103 Blazer Dining Chris.Larmour [at] 859-257-4240
Josh Maddox (College Technology Officer) DEAN 310H Little Library josh.r.maddox [at] 859-257-8814
Evan Thompson (Tech Support Specialist) SIS 320 Little Library evanthomps4 [at] -
Theodore Walter (College Grants Officer; Instructor) DEAN 313 Breckinridge [at] 859-323-4106