Leanna Hartsough

Teaching Assistant

Office: 076 McVey Hall

Phone: 859-257-5114

Email: lhartsough [at] uky.edu

Personal Website: http://comm.uky.edu/hartsough

Instructional Communication

Hi, I'm Leanna, an interpersonal communication instructor and PhD student in Communication at UK. I recently moved from Youngstown, Ohio where I received my Master's Degree in Professional Communication at Youngstown State University. I own a side business called Festival Fitness, a mobile fitness and entertainment business that specializes in yoga and happiness. This is also where my research falls. I currently study instructional design of mindfulness training programs. In future research, I hope to create and test happiness training programs.

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Courses Taught

This writing intensive course examines basic verbal and nonverbal concepts affecting the communication process between individuals in various interpersonal contexts. Course also requires participation in written and oral activities designed to develop and improve interpersonal skills. Topics may include: perspective-taking, relationship and conversation management, effective listening, conflict management, communication climate, communication anxiety, and cultural/gender differences in interpersonal communication.