Paris Nelson

Teaching Assistant

Office: 210 McVey Hall

Phone: 859-218-3345

Email: parisnelson [at] uky.edu

Personal Website: http://comm.uky.edu/paris

Paris Nelson received a BS in Communication Studies from the University of Montevallo. She is now pursuing an MA in Communication at the University of Kentucky.

Instructional Communication

Paris Nelson is a first-year masters student of Communication with a specialty in Instructional Communication. Paris is also a teaching assistant for COM 315. She is a passionate advocate for minorities in higher education and first-generation college students. When she's not studying or teaching, Paris enjoys the outdoors, trying new food and spending time with her dog.

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Courses Taught

Understanding workplace communication in U.S. society requires an interdisciplinary approach in preparing students to developing an enlightened consideration of the complex and contextual nature of communication in organizations. The emphasis on community,culture and citizenship is designed to engage students using dynamic learning experiences such as debates and discussion over topics relevant to the role of communication and organizations in U.S. society.