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Rong Wang

Assistant Professor

Office: 234 Blazer Dining

Phone: 859-218-5553

Email: rong.wang [at] uky.edu

Personal Website: http://comm.uky.edu/wang

University of Southern California (Ph.D., MA), National University of Singapore (MA), Nanjing University (BA)

organizational communication, network analysis, nonprofit management

Rong Wang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication, at the University of Kentucky. Always an advocate for a network approach, Dr. Wang researches collective action, open collaboration, and inter-organizational alliances that are designed to achieve collective goals. Most of her research is at the intersection of technology, networks and social impact.

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Courses Taught

Designed to introduce students to basic concepts in the study of organizational communication. The course considers approaches to the practice and study of communication within organizational settings, including classical approach, human relations, human resources approaches, systems approaches, cultural approaches, and critical approaches. It also introduces specific issues within the study of organizational communication, including assimilation, decision-making, conflict, change, emotion, cultural diversity and communication technologies.
This course explores the role of communication in negotiation and conflict management in organizations. The course examines conflict theories and approaches, negotiation processes, and third party intervention through the study of strategies and tactics, interaction processes, phases and stages of negotiation development and conflict framing. The course examines strategies and tactics used in exchange of offers and counteroffers, salary negotiations, buying and selling of products, team bargaining, and multiparty negotiations.
This course examines strategic risk and crisis communication research, theory, and practices. Special emphasis is placed on crisis planning, media relationships, image restoration, ethical responses, and organizational learning.