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Nicky Lewis

Assistant Professor

Office: 268 Blazer Dining

Phone: 859-257-5575

Email: Nicky.Lewis [at] uky.edu

Personal Website: http://comm.uky.edu/lewis

Ph.D., Indiana University, 2015

My program of research centers on social psychological processes and effects of the mass media. I am particularly interested in media consumption behavior, especially as it applies to entertainment contexts. Current research projects include the emotional effects of social comparisons to and moral judgments of entertainment television characters, the influence of social identification and morality on sports fan behaviors, and the role of moral perspective taking on media selections and empathy responses to content. Previously, I was a sports producer and training coordinator at several Cincinnati television stations. As a sports producer, I edited and produced nightly sports broadcasts and a weekly sports show. As a training coordinator, I taught television production workshops for the community and led several after school video clubs for local students.

Curriculum Vitae

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Courses Taught

A course designed to examine theory and research related to criticism of the mass media and to the relationship of digital and mass communication to contemporary social issues.
This course is designed to explore in depth the relationship between communication and sport. We will examine theories of communication and their connection to sport. The class will examine the relationship between sport and race, gender, class, violence, community, and society along how communication influences how we interact and engage them.