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Areanna Orr

Student Worker

Office: 259 Blazer Dining

Phone: 859-257-3622

Email: areanna.orr [at] uky.edu

Personal Website: http://comm.uky.edu/orr

Heath Care Communications

Hello, my name is Areanna Orr, I am currently a junior here at the University of Kentucky as Health Care Communications major. In the future, I aspire to obtain my masters degree after college. I am a member of the Implicit Dance Crew, I volunteer with the Center of Community Outreach, and also a member of the Black Student Union.

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Courses Taught

An introduction to the process of communication as a critical element in human interaction and in society. Designed to enhance effective communication and informed use of the mass media.
Designed to introduce students to basic concepts in the study of organizational communication. The course considers approaches to the practice and study of communication within organizational settings, including classical approach, human relations, human resources approaches, systems approaches, cultural approaches, and critical approaches. It also introduces specific issues within the study of organizational communication, including assimilation, decision-making, conflict, change, emotion, cultural diversity and communication technologies.
An introductory survey course covering syntactic, semantic and pragmatic aspects of language as they relate to communication. Language learning, sign typologies, psycho-linguistics, and the nature of meaning are selected topic areas. Emphasis is on behavioral, communication approach.
This course helps students explore, understand, and appreciate the patient-provider relationship through an examination and analysis of selected health communication case studies and related materials. It is also designed to improve communication skills with and among physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals.
Understanding workplace communication in U.S. society requires an interdisciplinary approach in preparing students to developing an enlightened consideration of the complex and contextual nature of communication in organizations. The emphasis on community,culture and citizenship is designed to engage students using dynamic learning experiences such as debates and discussion over topics relevant to the role of communication and organizations in U.S. society.
To participate effectively in the 21st century, students must be adept at both communicating their ideas effectively to different audiences in a variety of formats and contexts, as well as evaluating the messages sent by others. This integrated composition and communication course is the first in a sequence of two courses that focus on developing student's abilities to communicate ideas effectively using written, oral, visual, and electronic forms. As such, students will compose and present messages targeted toward different audiences, as well as evaluate the quality of the messages shared by others. Over the course of the semester, students can expect to work independently, with a partner, or with a small group of classmates to prepare messages, as well as to practice and evaluate interpersonal and team dynamics in action.
Communication Strategies for Professional Excellence introduces students to a variety of technical and business theories and practices designed to be applicable to business communication in the real world. This course is focused on communication strategies to use once the job has been secured, rather than those to get the job (i.e., resume, cover letter, interviewing). Specifically, the course teaches the fundamentals of good business communication, including protocols for writing media notices/releases, marketing copy, business letters, memoranda, electronic mail, thank you notes, apology letters, persuasive messages, and business plans. Throughout these writing assignments, you will also become acquainted with the strategies used by communication professionals such as functions of media, employee, community, government, investor, and consumer relations. In addition, there will be instruction in oral presentation and in depth practice on both an individual and a collaborative basis. Finally, students will also learn tactics for running a business meeting, dealing with organizational conflict, and finding ways to enhance their business communication through technically based media.