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Daniel Walker

Office: 124 Grehan

Phone: 859-257-1365

Email: danielwalker [at] uky.edu

B.A. Business & Organizational Communication, & Political Science (Double Major) Philosophy Minor from the University of Kentucky

Political Language and Rhetoric; Business and Organizational Communication. I am deeply drawn to social justice and political communication where opportunity and fairness –in the broader context of human rights, provide the basis for the narrative. My passion is to help improve student learning by reducing population-based disparities and conditions that generally exist in low-income communities. I believe that a mix of community-based communication campaigns and parental involvement can have a tremendously positive influence in reducing these disparities.

Daniel is a second year Master’s student studying communication in the College of Communication and Information. His interests include social justice communication and organizational and instructional communication. His studies in communication and political science can be viewed through a lens of humanity. Daniel is presently studying the effects of innovative teaching on student engagement and participation by examining the effects that technology-based instruction has on the classroom-learning environment and student-to-teacher communication. Daniel hopes to discover if students are more engaged in classroom discussions that are led by teachers who make appropriate use of modern technology and innovative teaching strategies compared to those teachers who do not use any systems to advance classroom discussions. Throughout his studies, Daniel has been involved in meaningful extracurricular activities such as the Black Graduate & Professional Student Association, Nu Circle Chapter of Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) National Leadership Honor Society, volunteering at God’s Pantry Food Bank, and balancing family life and profession. Daniel credits studies in the social sciences with inspiring him to critically think deeply about important subjects like ethnic identity and culture, wealth and poverty, and access and achievement in public schools, etc. Daniel believes stimulating one’s intellectual curiosity can be particularly rewarding –“the new knowledge gained from my academic experience in communication studies has helped me to sincerely appreciate the interpersonal aspects of the human experience.” In addition, Daniel has been an undergraduate teaching assistant for the past year helping with Com 249 Mass Media and Culture in 2015 and Com 314 The Darkside of Interpersonal Communication and Relationships in 2016. Daniel was awarded a Graduate Assistantship for the upcoming 2016 school year.

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Courses Taught

An examination of the interplay between the technology and content of the mass communication media.
Provides an overview of research and theory related to the “dark side” of interpersonal communication and relationships. This course will cover topics such as secrets, bullying, cyberstalking, verbal abuse, and revenge between romantic partners, family members, friends,and sometimes strangers.