H. Dan OHair


Office: 237 Blazer Dining

Email: OHair [at] uky.edu

Personal Website: http://comm.uky.edu/ohair

Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

Organizational Communication, Health Communication, and Risk Communication.

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Courses Taught

Examines theory and research on the nature and development of small group communication. Topics include leadership, interpersonal relations and roles, goals, and decision-making in multiple organizational contexts.
Residency credit for dissertation research after the qualifying examination.
Intensive study of a specialized topic area in communication.
This course explores the role of communication in negotiation and conflict management in organizations. The course examines conflict theories and approaches, negotiation processes, and third party intervention through the study of strategies and tactics, interaction processes, phases and stages of negotiation development and conflict framing. The course examines strategies and tactics used in exchange of offers and counteroffers, salary negotiations, buying and selling of products, team bargaining, and multiparty negotiations.
This course provides an introduction to the study and practice of leadership from a entrepreneurial and communication perspective. Course activities will cover, 1) the basic concepts essential to personal skills development and organizational leadership behavior, 2) the theory component, and 3) the practical process of leadership and entrepreneurship. The course is designed to introduce students to leadership perspectives and the role communication plays in effective leadership and entrepreneurial strategies. The course explores communication variables involved when leaders attempt to influence members to achieve a goal. Topics include power, credibility, motivation, research on leader traits, styles, and situations, innovation strategies, organizational dynamics, creative problem solving, and current models of leadership. The different leadership challenges posed by different group and organizational types will also be explored.