October 2018 News and Notes

Veil_Shari copyWelcome Back! The fall semester is already well underway, but we’re still trying to catch our breath from the busy summer! As many of you know, the Department of Communication moved to the second floor of Blazer Dining (formerly Blazer Hall). Our faculty offices are quite literally in the old dorm rooms of some of our alumni! Thankfully our stay is only temporary (3-4 years) while we work with university leadership to develop a master plan for the future home of the College of Communication and Information.

The most exciting news we have to share is that over the summer we hired SIX new faculty to fill positions left vacant by recent retirements and help us meet our ever-growing student demand. When I joined the Department in 2010 we had 369 majors and 91 minors. As of this morning, we have 588 majors and 233 minors – that’s over 800 students just in the Department of Communication! And, because of our commitment to offering UK Core requirements, we teach almost double that number of students every semester.

Our faculty and students also received a few accolades over the summer worth mentioning. Kevin Real was awarded the Michael Brill Grant in Urban Communication and Design Behavior from the Environmental Design Research Association, Marko Dragojevic received the James J. Bradac Award for early career excellence in the field of language and social psychology from the International Association of Language and Social Psychology, Jeannette Sutton was named to the first cohort of UK-CARES Fellows in Science Communication, and doctoral candidate Sarah Sheff was accepted into the National Communication Association’s Doctoral Honors Seminar.

While we love to brag about our amazing faculty and students, we also want to hear from you.  This year we will be featuring an alumni or friend of the Department in each newsletter. Please complete a profile update, and then send me an email [shari.veil@uky.edu] to provide an update on where you are now.

Finally, we do have some sad news to share. Our dear friend Linda Mudge passed away this month. Linda retired in 2015 after serving for many years as our beloved staff associate. She was one of the kindest and most caring people in the world – always ready to give a helping hand and word of encouragement. She made everyone around her feel welcome, safe, and supported. She will be dearly missed.

Shari R. Veil, MBA, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Communication
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, College of Communication and Information