Fall 2014 COM 399 Internship Breakfast

Students and Faculty at this semester's COM Internship Breakfast

Students and Faculty at this semester’s COM Internship Breakfast

On December 5th, students in Ms. Cyndy Harbett Miller’s COM Internship program got together for breakfast at the Boone Center at UK. Ms. Miller addressed the forty-two students present at the event: “I tell you all the time, and it’s so true: ‘when you look good, you make us look good.’ And once they have you, they want you back—I get emails every week, ‘be sure to send me more COM majors.’ So, thank you for continuing our reputation for excellence by building your own resumes.” Students interested in a communication internship for the spring may begin the application process by going here. Alums interested in sponsoring an intern are welcome to contact Cyndy Miller at cyndyharbett.miller@gmail.com.