Alumni Spotlight: "Jill Midkiff, Communicating for the Commonwealth"

Jill Midkiff graduated from the University of Kentucky Communication Department in 1990. She now serves as the Executive Director of Communication and Administrative Review for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services in Kentucky. Her previous positions include serving as the Director of Communication for the Finance and Administration Cabinet for more than six years. She also has held various other communication positions during her 14 years in state government. Appreciative of her Communication degree, she says her it has served her well. “It has furthered me in every job I had, especially jobs where I did a lot of writing and editing, dealing with the media, and creating newsletters.”


Taking Jill back to her University of Kentucky days…

Most memorable moment at UK:“When I met my husband.”
Significant changes that occurred during your time at UK: “WRFL radio station began. I didn’t take part in it, but it was very exciting.”
Favorite professor:
Professor Jim Gleason: basic public speaking. “It was one of my most feared classes. However, he gave great feedback and created comfort. I still use the skills I learned from him.”

Favorite class: “Public Relations. It was my favorite class because we did case studies and looked at the effective use of public relations. It was when I took this class that I really decided this is what I want to do.”

Most valuable experience: “Some of my most valuable experiences while in college came from internships; working in a communications environment.”

What do you miss the most about college? “The newness of everything. Everything is so new and different. You have an unbiased view of things that I don’t think you have later. It is a unique and significant time for developing who you are and what you will become later in life.”
Advice for Current College Students:
“You have a lot of freedom in college. Choose what you do with that freedom and time wisely.”

We are proud to call Jill Midkiff a Wildcat!